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Tiny Crest Earrings

Tiny Crest Earrings
Tiny Crest Earrings
Tiny Crest Earrings
Tiny Crest Earrings

Tiny hoop earrings in bronze with a hand cut and polished unique stone. Sterling Silver Posts. 

Earrings measure: 1.25" x 1.75"

Your choice of stones- 
Green Gossamer Garnet (green)
Alunite (Pink)
Polka Dot Agate (Cream with browns)

This piece is part of the West Collection which features unique hand cut and polished stones found in the Western US. We wanted to feature stones typically overlooked and give them the proper lapidary treatment needed to set in jewelry worn daily. They've been sourced in their raw state directly from the small mine or a local rock shop. They get slabbed into thin slices, trimmed into smaller shapes and finally shaped and polished through multiple stages into the perfect low lustre sheen. Machines are used through the process but hands guide and form them almost the entire way. Alunite is found in Piute County, UT,  Green Grossular Garnet is from the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah and Polka Dot Agate in Ashwood, Oregon.

Part of the stones beauty is the natural variations that occur in the same rock. Each piece is selected to emphasize it's unique characteristics. If you have any requests or preferences send a message before or immediately after purchasing.

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