Rainy Day in Deer Valley

Rainy Day in Deer Valley

It was one of the two rainy days in Park City the entire summer. Grey clouds and nostalgia waited calmly a top the pond for the day to start. Upon waking, the scent of rain on the grassy preserve outside of my window made me giddy with a side of longing for the Northwest. “I have the perfect idea”, I thought. We’ll go to the Deer Valley Cafe and I’ll sip a latte while looking out at the cool grey day while my two year old has some cornbread muffins and bebops around, as he does.


Leo and I got into the car and drove with the windows half down listening to Sylvan Esso. He held onto one finger as we crossed the dewy lawn and parking lot. We ordered our food and walked out on onto the patio where all of the tables and chairs were covered in big water droplets. Running into a favorite O & T customer, we said our happy hellos and chose the low patio seating for our meditative lookout. When we sat down on the open weave chairs that didn’t seem all that wet but we were quickly corrected.


This dreamy day was more fantasy than reality as my little guy circled all of the tables, wedging himself into tight corners wherever possible, getting his sleeves all wet. Suffice it to say that I could never fully relax as my rainy day fantasy had wistfully suggested. I did however get drink my latte, look out, if only momentarily, onto the placid ponds. Wish fulfilled, I also got to drink in that cool just after rains air. It was a lovely way to spend a summer morning in Park City.


To do it ‘Deer Valley’ right:


Visit the Deer Valley Grocery Café for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I recommend the quiche with salad, the famous Deer Valley chili, which they serve with delicious little cornbread muffins or the tuna melt is yummy too, served with a pickle (which is important).


After your meal, snack, or beverage take a walk along the winding path that circles the Lower Deer Valley ponds. It’s fun for all ages and K-9’s as well. Skip some rocks, feed the ducks (Queue someone telling me that’s against the rules or not good for the ducks).


+ Rent a paddleboard from the adjacent board rental co. Park City SUP

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